What would be an effective advertising method?

Our games aesthetic was directed heavily towards kids, but also with a slight touch of intensity and thinking so older players could play as well! :slight_smile:

Would it be wise then for me to do mainly mobile sponsors, with a few advertisements here?

^ This is assuming that the demographic stays the same.

Yes but don’t go to far on advertising if it isn’t getting the ctr you want or people to play your game because it will waste robux that could be used on sponsoring so yes test advertising and see if that works as well
You could try and advertise it to older players but would you not think that a 14 year old would rather be playing arsenal or phantom forces rather than some kiddy pets game?
little kids dont play those shooter games because mobile is not good to play those games meaning they would always die and the shooter games would be unenjoyable for mobile but calm games like yours dosen’t keep throwing things in your face (by the looks of the thumbnails)
Take this as an example
Because you’re 16 would you rather be playing Arsenal OR Adopt Me!

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Are you trying to argue against my argument with my own argument? I don’t understand what you are trying to say. I said that he should sponsor as that brings in mobile users and most mobile users are children.

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im talking to avion about an example