What would be an effective advertising method?

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I’ve recently been working on a new project of mine, Pet Adventures. And we’ve been looking into what would be the best way to expose the game to the public on release (December 26th).

We have already spoken with a few content creators, and grew a small following hyped for the game, but of course like any other developer, we’re trying to make it big!

I’ve looked into the new sponsoring system, but I have yet to find any real comments on how effective it is compared to advertisements. Considering that our game is PC, Tablet, and Mobile friendly, what method would be the best to attract players into the game on release?

After talking to a few successful developer friends, they’ve mentioned aiming more for mobile sponsors with limited advertisements, but I would like to know what others had experienced before taking the leap of faith into release.

Thanks for reading! (Apologizes if this is in the wrong section, I’m still getting used to this)

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What you should do is try to sponsor on mobile first since there are more mobile players on roblox than any other platform
Depending on how much robux you have budgeted for sponsoring or advetising, i would say you start small for example say you had 10000 robux budgeted, then you should try to sponsor not all at once but maybe test around with the system like bid 100 robux for one day and if it works good then sponsor again but this time slightly increasing the bid, you would then keep doing that until the amount of robux you bid each day is reasonable and you are still getting a good ctr
However if you get would want to choose advertising then that would be worse for many reasons

  1. Ad blockers exist and if a player has one then they won’t see your ad
  2. All Xbox plyers and most mobile players can’t even see ads
  3. Most people think now that ads will just lead to clothing groups or something due to how common it is for them to do that

So I can’t give a clear answer on which is best for your game but it depends on the gameplay and considering roblox has a playerbase of mostly young children, they would not want to play some tense shooter game
But I can say that your game looks like it has thumbnails that look cartoony therefore a child would think its fun but I could be wrong
So I say you follow along with what i said first with sponsoring since you can test with the sponsoring system


These are some good tips!

My original plan was to do 5,000 robux on 2 advertisements, with 10,000 on a mobile sponsor for everyone >13. – This is my testing phase.

I don’t know if this would be an effective strategy though.

Honestly, you should sponsor the game because a lot of players like to search for there game. Last time I advertised I sponsored and made a add. I got more clicks on the sponsor then the add. This might not be true to your adds but I would try.

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Well how much robux in total will you spend on both advertising and sponsoring

its a very bad idea to bid all robux at once

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I have well over 200,000 compiled for the project, though I don’t plan on using all of it if I can get the most bang for my buck.

Which is why I’m considering mobile sponsors, but I’ve read that players flow in and out much more quickly on mobile compared to other platforms. Which is why I’m concerned on which method would be the best to keep both a high player count, but also keep players on the game for a longer time.

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Yes, I think people on mobile will leave earlier, It’s much easier to leave (accidentally press the off button) and it is more frustrating to play a game on mobile. I’d reccomend adding more to the computer ads than mobile.

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well now that depends on how you intrigue your player to keep playing your game
for example
In my game the player has to play 30 minutes to get a free item that usually costs robux thats really op
if you convince them that their time being spent on the game is good then they’ll keep playing

i dont think that will happen likely though

well im going to say you should compare between sponsoring and advertising by doing both and seeing which gets more ctr
Im not sure if there is a way to see who of what platform mostly clicks on the sponsor or ad but if there is compare that between mobile and computer players as well

Would you recommend using PC sponsors or advertisements?

I haven’t really seen much information about PC sponsors.

Thats a tough one but i think that advertisements would work a bit better since they can take a good part of the screen and if you make a good icon for it then you could get the player to click on it but there are problems like if a person is using an adblocker

I’ve always used ads, To me sponsors seem like they would do less. But I hear from many people that sponsors do better. It depends on budget. I spent around 15k on ads and I got 70 concurrent players, Spent around 6k on sponsors and got around 12.

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well that is why i say it depends on how the game works or what the game is about
take survival games for example
for some reason a lot of kids on mobile like to play them and sometimes those games get thousands of players
but when i think pc i think players who don’t play stupid games, like mostly players on computer are older than on mobile
Thats why games like arsenal are popular on computer but not on mobile but survival games are popular on mobile but not on computer

so basically mobile players are little kids and computer players are big kids
and would a teen want to play a survival game?
or would a 7 year old want to play a tense face paced shooter?

Well, Think about if you want these kids on your game. If you want some good players, Choose ads, If you want lots of random people on your game, Choose sponsors. Also think how well your game is optimised to mobile

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but im saying that his game looks like a game little kids would want to play and little kids are mostly on mobile and most mobile players can’t see ads but they can see sponsors
thats why i say you start small and test around with the system to see if it works for you

Yes, His game looks pretty childish, He should choose sponsors. Ads would probably only attract older people.

in fact his game is about PETS and adopt me is about PETS and it has almost a million players and almost all those players are LITTLE KIDS, and his game is probably a calm game that a mobile player could easily play
So basically computer players are likely rather wanting to play hard and intense games and mobile players are looking to play easy and calm games espicially if its a child

and now you bring in that sponsoring works well on phones so if sponsoring works well on phones AND your game looks like something mostly little kids will play then sponsoring is the choice
I’ll give an example
My 2 little cousins only play roblox on mobile and all they play is games cartoony like adopt me