What would be better for my game, advertisements or sponsorships?

So, I am making a really complicated nation roleplay game which is going to release soon. I need to know, as a result of this, what would be better for me to use? I am leaning towards sponsorships, since ads are only on mobile and I have reliable maths based on them from similar projects, but advertisements just seem to get a lot of desktop players and the game is best played on desktop, so I honestly do not know. Any suggestion on which is better would be greatly appreciated.[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 chartType=bar]

  • Advertisements
  • Sponsorships

Sponsorships like telling youtuper to make vidio about it

Ads are shown on the desktop version of Roblox and Roblox web, I don’t know about mobile becuase I’ve seen no ads on the Roblox mobile app.

I’d recommend advertisements they’re more appealing for desktop players.

I have also not seen any ads at all on mobile

Imo sponsors are better for mobile players and tablet players and Ads are better for desktop

You also mentioned your game performs best on desktop and nation roleplay games are more often played by desktop users so I think ads are the best option for you.

I hope this helped you


like the game sponsorships like how roblox has that new sponsorship tab for games like this

There aren’t ads on the roblox app only on the browser which only I use if I want to use the desktop website on my phone.

I think you should invest in both, recommend to put more into are because they will get you more clicks, but for that you’ll need to hire a GFX designer which will charge 1-5k itself, then if you want the best results you should invest 1-2k in sponsors and 5-15k on ads. And also for sponsors don’t invest all of them at once. Run the sponsors atleast for 5 days.
In the end you choose both.invest more into ads

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Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it. I just got a budget of 3k robux, so I can’t hire a GFX artist which is unfortunate, but I am going to try and get some ads up.

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The typical idea would be to hire some not really well known GFX artist/underrated. They usually will make you gfx for 300-500. If you want I can name some especially good artists that will do a good job and will be affordable.
Reply if I should link them.

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Yes, please do. I am going to need some GSF artists, since I am not great at that stuff. Anything would be appreciated.

Cartys Graphics Carty's Designs

Fasterise Fasterise#0001

Zhe/Yooko Discord

Surreal Discord


I hit up surreal, and while we didn’t do any business, he’s a really nice guy and if anyone is reading this and has a pretty normal roblox game, he’s a great guy to go talk to, really nice, friendly, and helpful.

I did some testing over a couple period of months. My results showing a higher click rate on ads than it is on sponsored; however, there are also a possibility that players click on your ads but do bit play the game. Only sponsored can know this, but there is a possibility in ads as well.

So after a thorough analysis over a period of time, I concluded that sponsored over a long period of time will bring you more players and more profit.

In sponsored there is also an “attribute visit” - players who play the game after clicking or viewing. The total number of attributes visit were in average higher than the total click amount in ads (not excluding players who do not play after clicking an ads).

Running a sponsored would most likely guaranteed a higher impression - more viewers, and a more accurate number of players who actually play your game after being hooked from your sponsor.

A CTP of 0.02% sometimes are better than a 0.60% CTR in ads. Sponsor are just better in the long run while ads can be a big jump start on initial release or on new updates.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate it greatly.