What Would Be the Best In-Game Purchases for an Obby Styled Game?

Hello. I am creating an Upcoming Obby from which I plan to earn a Good Amount of Robux.

I have not really ever created, a game in the Obby Genre but with a Plan I had Decided upon making a Hello Neighbour Parkour Obby.

I am not really quite sure, about what should be the best Gamepasses/Tools/In-Game Purchases which Players would love to buy and I could earn Profits off of them and wanted to hold discussion about the following.

Also to add on one more thing, should I make just Bug Buttons on the side saying the Gamepasses or the Tool Name in a colourful button for each of them or a separate Shop UI on the Side?

Any help would be Highly Appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Skips. Like if they wanted to buy 1 skip, or 5, or 100 (for higher amounts put higher price) skips for levels.
  • Gravity Coils which wont dissapear after death .
  • Gravity Gamepass. Who can make the player jump higher.

What @ii_G0N3 said, but instead of gravity coils and such, add a double jump gamepass, and maybe, a gamepass that gives the player a trail.


You can make gamepasses that either increases the speed of the player or decreases it.

  • With increased speed gamepass; jumping will be easier.

  • With slow speed gamepass; moving obstacles will be easier.

And Of course don’t make them permanent add a toggle for the player to switch between fast, normal and slow speed.

The best ideas would probably be:

  • Skip Stage
  • Gravity Coil
  • Speed Coil
  • VIP [Maybe add some shortcuts through harder levels for VIPs]

That’s all I can think of, hopefully it helps!


As others have said

• Skips
• Gravity Coil
• Speed Coil
And Also…
• Rainbow Carpet (Lets you fly with it; expensive)
• Jetpack
• Grapple Gun

Any idea that would boost your mobility would be great for an obby styled game!