What would be the best way for a "Bumper Cars" kind of game?

Hey, so I’m pretty new in like messing with cars etc - I can script a good amount of things, just cars I’m really bad with. I want to make a kind of “sumo” game but with vehicles. What’s the best way I could achieve this?

Heres the issues I want to figure out;

  1. There is major clipping when two vehicles ram into each other and can cause them to get stuck (is there a way I could prevent this at all? Maybe using something like setting Network Ownership to the server or player?)

  2. How would I go about making the car fling backwards on impact, not fling as in flying, but bouncing off (I’d wanna be able to modify this depending on the vehicle that would be used)

  3. Should I create my own system for car handling etc, and not using pre-existing ones?

Off-Topic of Scripting;
(Please ignore this if you don’t know what’s happening or haven’t got a solution I could try)
My studio seems to instantly close when trying to boot the test server inside of studio, studio also closes other instances if I open a different instance of studio, it also causes the main ROBLOX app to automatically close if I open up studio with the main ROBLOX app still running and in a game. Does anyone know why? or how to fix this?

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Any help on this at all? I’ve been looking into it, maybe I could use some kind of raycasting on it?

This is a block on the workspace with this script inside it. It’s made for when a player hits it they bounce back. I’m sure you can modify it to be like a bumper car.

-- SeverScript
local bv, char
local db = true
	if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") ~= nil then
		if db then db = false char = hit.Parent
			bv = Instance.new("BodyVelocity")
			bv.Parent = (char.Head)
			bv.MaxForce = Vector3.new(100000,100000,100000)
			bv.Velocity = (char.Head.CFrame.LookVector * -80)
				+ (char.Head.CFrame.UpVector * 80)
			wait(0.01) bv:Destroy()
			db = true

I’ll take a look into using this once I’ve done eating, thank you

So I tried this, this morning, and i’ve managed to get something kinda working, it doesn’t work perfect but I’ll just need to keep tweaking it a little and just mess with it more, but it more or less works. so Thank you

That’s great, good luck with your game!

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