What would be the best way of going about making a setup popup after plugin install

I am currently trying to make a plugin for Roblox Studio which once installed will display a popup which will let the user customize the plugin(such as script editor themes) then once setup has been completed it will close the popup.

I am fully aware of how to do the actions inside the popup however I do not have a clue on how to display a popup in the centre of the screen. Something like this but it can be much simpler:

Thanks in advance for any help. ICrann

Unfortunately, there is no way to position windows via a plugin script. The only way we can create a window is via DockWidgetPluginGuis, but they have limited options. The least we can do is set the minimum size and the original size when it first pops up, but no position.

This is most likely do to security reasons and to give users more control over plugins when they get out of hand (malicious ones). Think about it: someone can abuse it to stick a window in the center until the user uninstalls the plugin or closes studio.

Short answer, there is no way. :frowning_face:


Ok thanks for that I will probably use the Widget. I can understand why they might not allow this.