What would be the best way to Approach this idea

Greetings Developers,

I am here to ask about something serious and my goal is to come up with a solution that would not put any player at risk, if no solution I will not add this feature to the game,
I’m working on an Education Roblox game where players can hangout while they are doing there homework or school work or they just want to chill, the feature I would like to add a grade feature so you join the game and for me I would select 10th grade and then you can see what grades the other players are in, this could be bad seeing the grade you are in could give you a good estimate on the age of the players and of course the player could lie about there grade so I am asking anyone who reads this, am I over reacting or could this be a serious problem and if so what would be a solution, Thanks, Entertainment @ENTMT

(please let me know if this is the wrong category)

(Decided I will not add a Grade Select, TYASM for your comments!)

Hmm… I don’t know, this might be bannable but it might not be. If your really gonna do it then make sure grades are optional and maybe use a different term like “What year of school are you in?” instead of “What grade are you in?”

Take other people’s advice first, I should not be completely trusted for legal advice. I am not a judge.

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You can just set everyones avatars to the same avatars, and also set their names to be invisble, and also only make chat be seen if a player is within range instead of the roblox ChatBoxGui, or make a new chat system where no name is shown

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Asking for grade is a clear violation of the Roblox Community Rules since most kids aren’t held back or skipped ahead, so you can firmly guess that all 10th graders are 15-16. This isn’t fully accurate, as you’ll sometimes get 14 year old 10th graders (like me) or 17 year old ones, and people will fake their grade.

This is a pretty good idea though. You should separate based on class instead. Have a “Geometry and Trig” and “World History” and “Chemistry” label instead. Maybe some kids will even be able to help each other with homework. Also, this is more anonymous since different schools do these classes at different grades.

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maybe play some free games maybe it might help you

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it’s not a Roleplay game like Robloxian high school it’s like a real life homework helper kind of grade


That is actually a good idea, I plan to have different subject buildings so like there could be a building for Geometry or something, I probably will not have a Grade

Lol that would ruin the concept of the game but i guess it could work, thanks for advice but I’m probably not gonna add it