What would be the best way to communicate thumbstick movements to the server?

I am currently trying to send joystick movements to the server via a controller, but my issue is that I cant figure out a way to do it without causing lag. I am currently firing a remote event every time the thumbstick moves which sends its rotation. As you may have guessed, constantly firing remotes is not a very good idea.

Once I saw how many issues came with it, I tried to just send the rotation of the joystick when it was first moved and released; but for some reason InputBegan wouldn’t register the thumbsticks.

I’m not sure what to do right now and I can’t see any other way to do this

Any help is appreciated!

Have you verified that sending 4 numbers at 60 hz “causes lag”?

yes, I checked how many times it fired which was about 100-300. Then I noticed the longer I kept testing with the thumbstick movements, the more the plane stared lagging.

That shouldn’t happen (IMO) if it’s a constant load. “Lagging” how? Lower FPS, higher latency, what kind of lag?

certain controls such as the speed control stopped working as well as the plane glitching out occasionally, but no fps drops.

I’ll take another look at it tommorow, maybe I just skipped something because I’m tired.

So it turns out the issue wasn’t from constantly remote events, but rather the BodyGyros and AngularVelocities. I was able to fix it just by setting the network owner of the part to the server.

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