What would be the best way to go to make a turns system?

I want to make a turns system for my game squared, where players take turns claiming territories, and advancing them.

I want to make it so for each turn, a player can either use a card, get a new territory, or skip their turn.

How would I go about making this?

You could maybe do like a state manager, which will handle setting the game to a different state.

You could use remote events to handle actions from the user for processing, determining if an action is valid, and if it is, update the game state to focus on the alternate player in the game.

You can also implement like a timer event that’ll time the user out if they take too long, this could reset each time the state of the game changes to focus on the alternate user.

Didn’t have a lot of time so I just threw together a very basic overview, hopefully it helps to some degree though.