What would be the most optimized way to detect if a player is inside a part?

Hello, what would be the most optimized and least task intensive way of detecting if a player gets inside of an invisible hitbox (a part) and if they get out of the hitbox? I’ve seen solutions that uses GetTouchingParts loops but I feel like it would be task intensive if a server script is constantly checking for the HumanoidRootPart inside the hitbox, and even more if there are multiple hitboxes that needs to be checked. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Math. Get the coordinate of the area, the position of the player, and check the numbers themselves.

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This is the part where you consider using things other people made (ZonePlus)

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Turns out skidding was the way to success. Thank you.

I feel like zoneplus is overkill for most simple use cases, when what that library does at the lowest level is essentially just :GetPartsInBox() binded to RunService.Hearbeat with a lot of bloat stacked ontop.

It was a complete dealbreaker for me since it does not support custom collision groups for the hitboxes/zones parts

zoneplus’ solution to the multiple hitbox problem if I recall correctly is just to store a table with all the zones, that it goes through within a single connection to the .Hearbeat event

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