What would happen if a remote event is spammed but it does nothing?

So, I am making a sword that has very reaction based combat. The thing is, the player can spam the remote event for the attack button with no cooldown, but the remote won’t do anything since I have all my sanity checks on the server.

So I am wondering if a remote event that does absolutely nothing besides run a if--then statement sanity check would have a considerable impact on the servers health.

You can make the server to handle everyone’s debounce.

Can you elaborate what you mean by that? Would I be able to have a debounce on the server and the client would be able to access that debounce?

A simple sanity check doesn’t cost much performance, spamming it is more or less like running it a few times a second, nothing the average computer cant handle.

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Yes, in default, you STILL have to create a debounce at the local script, thats for non-hackers. If hackers tried to spam call event, the server will have a dictionary where each key’s name is a name of a player in the server and their value is kinda like debounce value, either true or false. When someone fired that event, the server will spawn delay a thread that will make the player’s debounce back to normal.

May I know what’s this so-called sanity check?

Basically code that validates what the client does.

Validated means let the client allow to do whatever things right?

No, to validate is to check if something out of the ordinary is happening.