What would I be able to do with this plugin that helps you build a game?

Greetings, everyone! I’m not sure if this is the right category, so please help me if it isn’t. I want to make a plugin that helps you build a game, not like Roblox Studio. (It is kinnda a personal project I wanted to work on) My problem is, I made the UI, and I started thinking what will I do with this? I thought maybe I could make it like GameMaker Studio. Thank you for any help you can afford me!!!


More coming soon.

  • I think it is a cool project, you could make it similar to GameMaker Studio.
  • I will make a post about what I would like to see.

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Thread’s confusing. The title asks what can be done with the plugin, but it seems you know exactly what the plugin is going to do - help developers build a game. What are you really looking for discussion or feedback on? What is the issue you are trying to resolve?

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I’d like to start out by saying thank you for editing the post. I don’t know exactly what to do with the plugin. It seems that it could have multiple uses. I want public input on what people would like to see how the plugin will be used. ; I want to use it to make games. I know this sounds vague, but that is what I’m planning on using it for.

It would probably be better to devise an outline of what tooling you want to provide to developers with a plugin first before settling to work then. Your core issue is that you don’t know what tooling you want to provide to developers with this plugin.

If you already have something and are only now trying to give it a purpose, a new vision would mean tweaking or completely reworking what you have. Plugins are usually built off of ideas: building an idea off a premade plugin doesn’t work as well. A whole suite is another story as well.

You should focus first on developing an idea of what you want to make for developers. What issue is there in Roblox development, and what would your plugin do to resolve or remove barriers in that development issue? You can then start working on your plugin with at least those two things in mind.

For opinion’s sake: I would not install a whole suite if it doesn’t provide only the tooling I need. Studio Build Suite for example has a few utilities which are intended to improve standard building tools workflows (movement, rotation, so on) only. I have a build issue which it helps resolve and so I use it: it’s not overbearing, overwhelming or trying to reach into multiple categories of development.

Tooling for the sake of tooling is probably a waste of your time. If you don’t actually need the tools, then you shouldn’t get them nor work on them. There’s a lot of preexisting plugins and workflows that you can tap into to help your development experience. Make use of those.

It’s only worth your time to make a plugin if one doesn’t already exist to resolve long term development issues you’re having or if you believe it can also resolve the issues other developers are having. Another example is a tool grip editor: trying to manually guess and configure grips is a pain, so plugins exist to visualise modifications and get the right positioning you want.

Hope that makes sense.

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It does make sense, however it is just a personal project to possibly help me better my scripting. I will spend more time with the idea. I will publish it as a plugin, hopefully it will help at least one person.

It looks good, but I have a question. What is this going to do that Roblox Studio doesn’t? I see an Output, Properties, Edit, etc. which are already parts of Studio. It looks like you’re trying to make your own version of Roblox Studio in Roblox Studio. I just can’t tell what this plugin does. But the UI design looks good. Also, the poll at the bottom is kinda confusing too.

It will help you make a game just by using decals, and textures. For example say a decal of a dog is the player, and a cat is the enemy. You will try to move away from it, and shoot at it.

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I wanted to make a new system to build a certin type of game. This is what I’m talking about if it helps.

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