What would make a Roblox game seem fun these days? (to make a lot of robux)

I’m thinking of making a Roblox game. The main thing I want to success in the game is making it fun. But, I have no ideas!

I don’t wanna make a gmae like this. Me making a type of game like this is embarassing

I just need a game idea that seems really fun for all ages and it won’t die for a long time.


2D games!
Though my opinion might be super biased, I still think it’s something really unique and fun.

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You would really need to stretch your creativity to the maximum on this one.

Maybe just take a look around on games which you already play, or games that are already trending. What makes them popular? What would I add or improve in those games, as if I was developing them? What would I want to see personally in these games?

Now, you can take these ideas and make them into reality! Of course, you can’t always find a “fresh” game idea, but it’s just a base idea you can think of.

Someone seemed to have written a topic on how to use ChatGPT efficiently for coming up with ideas. If you’re stuck with my above questions, maybe try reading the following topic:


You wanna make a fun game on ROBLOX?
3 things.

  1. Originality
  2. Talent
  3. Creativity

Your game must be something that triggers people to say “Oh, no no no, this game is like, really cool, because, like, I have never seen something like it before!! I know there’s lots of games in this genre but this one is special, you gotta try it out, friend!” to their friends.
Achieve that, and only success can follow. Don’t forget about posting on social media like TikTok, YT & YT Shorts, etc.


Heh, I started working on a game after my friend told me I should work on a RP game for us. It later on became an actual serious project.

If you want to make a fun game on Roblox, you need a game genre that suits you.
Don’t pick a genre that seems hard for you to do.

It’s about experimenting. Creating stuff that people haven’t seen, doing stuff better than other games. Having cool mechanics. People need something new, something fresh.

There are many games that are fun, you just need to find one that you enjoy.

People will enjoy anything, as long as its cool. You could make a Roleplay, Tycoon, Obby, Minigames, Hangout, PVP or Survival.