What would make Downhill Rush die?

I would really like and appreciate your thoughts.

RIght now the game has almost 1k concurrent players and people tell me they love the game.

So i am wondering in the eyes of an experienced dev what would make the game die?

bro you writing this like some supervillain.
Anyways, I’m just a lowly random dude, and not an experienced dev, but I think I have a clear idea of what would kill the game: making it more complex. People like simple games that allow them to just sink into a chair and have fun. They also have great appeal to both people under and above the age of 13(granted a game is actually fun), but once you make a game more complex than it needs to be, you lock that game off from the people under of the age of 13(well, the majority of them).
To give an example of a simple game that doesn’t need to be complex, look at Natural Disaster Survival; it needs nothing more than it already has.

Making it overcomplicated. Don’t do that please

Well if its got that concurrent then its doing well in some shape or form, dont make major advanced complex moves, Dont change the original status of the game. Sure add in new features but be careful not to damage the reason players play the game.

No massive updates and no future sponsorships.
Don’t DevEx everything and buy insane limiteds, you gotta make sure there’s new players coming everyday