What would the best way to do

So, I’m making an MMORPG. Instead of cramming every map into the same starter place, I’ll be making multiple places. Multiple planets, a spaceship hub and more.

My problem is, what is the most convieniet way to go about this without the game looking bad? On the first place, would I name it the game title and have the spaceship hub? (where the teleporters to other planets are), and then make other games for the planets, and title those games the names of the planets?

Thanks for helping.

If I was in this situation, I would do the following:

  • I would consider what the game is about, and what is its purpose. There could be a story on what is going on with different planets, or maybe the players are supposed to follow a specific lore (you know, like the After The Flash series). I bet you already did, but I am just suggesting that idea in case this is one of the first games you’ll be making.

  • I would rather have some of the planets finished (like about 25% of them) before even releasing this MMORPG as alpha. If you think about it, if you release a game that only has the main hub, players are not going to get the best impression on how the game is going to be.

  • You can just name the spaceship hub the game’s title. You should name the planet servers how it is, so that players would know which planet they are loading in. (so basically, yes on the game title question)

Now, I do not know if I answered your question because I had a bit of a issue trying to understand that post, no offense.

You basically answered it.
What I’m trying to say is, Vesteria has things to go into different games. I am confused on…

When a players joins the main game, should they go to a loading screen so when they press play on the title screen they get teleported to the Ship Hub, or should the players have no loading screen, and instantly spawn in the ship hub.

(Upon the free demo release of the game, it will have around 3 different planets with their own objectives.)

Personally, I would not have the title screen when loading in the hub unless the hub does not have anything other than teleportation portals. Maybe if you can put something that would allow the character to customize their characters or a store inside the hub, then the title screen would not be needed. Honestly, it is up to you on how you want this to happen.

Although, the loading screen would be nice to add. Maybe the player would be like, “Wow, this guy must be putting a lot of effort on this game with that loading screen.” I would actually recommend putting in a loading screen for each time a player teleports into a planet, and not just some loading screen. Add tips somewhere on the loading screen, specify which planet the player is going to, etc. Then the player would be into the game they would not realize it’s time to go to bed.

But still doesn’t answer my question.

Should I have (game name), and then a loading screen, which then you press play and get teleported to another game, (ship hub),

Or have no loading screen, but the starter place is called (game name) but with the ship hub?

I would choose the first option. That would be better.

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