What would the best way to hype up my Live Event be?

Greetings! I am in the process of resurrecting Bloxy Kart from the dead.

I have already sent a few people an invitation, but I want more than 24 Players, which is what the Bloxy Kart 2021 event had.

I will be spending some money on Roblox ads and Sponsors a few hours before the event.

I definitely will be posting a lot about it on Social media as well.

What else do you think I should do? My realistic goal is more than 50 players during the event.

Thanks in advance!

And I know this may be self promotion, but do you think you can join the event as well? It is June 18, 2022 at 3:00 PM MST. I have something that converts the time to your time zone in the game.


Pay live Youtubers and spend over 10K on ads 5 hours before.


Idk the best way to do it but if I can play at that time I’ll try to livestream on yt.

This may also be self promotion but my channel is Blade Master. Subscribe or else.

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Cool. I’ll try promote it for you.

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You need any devs to help? I’m free to help you and I won’t charge you either.

Nope! I am currently doing perfectly fine myself. Thanks for the offer though.

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