What would you be doing if roblox studio wasn't a thing

Hello developers on roblox . What would you guys be doing if roblox studio wasn’t a thing.
If roblox studio wasnt a thing , i would be using python and learning other languages of coding


If ROBLOX Studio wasn’t a thing, I would continue to learn C# and develop games with unity.


nice bro good luck on for your future developments

If studio wasn’t a thing you nor most the people on this site would go and learn another language. Realistically speaking the only reason people are programming here is because of how easy lua is to learn and how easy roblox makes it to develop. If studio wasn’t a thing “most” of the people wouldn’t have anything to do and would probably be playing games on some other site or just watching youtube. If roblox studio wasn’t a thing then wouldn’t that also mean that roblox in general would cease to exist, meaning all of the friends and time youve had on the site would of never happened. If you were programming in another language during that time then you’d probably still be with it, but if studio never existed most of the people here would have nothing to do with game development.


well that is true but roblox’s language isnt lua its luau

I would likely still be playing Roblox 24/7. :pleading_face:


It’s heavily based of Lua, and most features they’ve added are typechecking

You do know lua and luau are the same thing right? luau is literally just lua altered for the ease of development. Its literally the same language.

but if roblox studio wasnt here just as ryuunske said u coudn’t play games cuz there wont be any

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yeah that is true but still some things r different

I would likely not be on Roblox, probably still on Unity maybe I would be using Unreal by now.

I would be crying about the disappearance of flash games.

do u know c++ to use unreal cuz it uses c++

Well maybe ROBLOX could exist, but it was some developer-only studio with little games developed in it.

if roblox studio wasn’t here no game would be on the platform since 2006 when roblox was made

well thats true roblox is relying on devs to make games and play them

Then I’d probably be messing around with Python or something.

lol same bro i would be messing in python and saying this script is perfect until i run it

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OMG thank you guys my post has never got this many comments

If roblox studio wasn’t a thing, now I’m getting cash to buy a new pc to install Unity