What would you expect from a 1980s themed game?

Hey! My name is Avgustynx and I’ve been building for nearly a decade on the ROBLOX platform. Usually, I would build games for groups I’ve worked for in the past but now, I plan on creating my very first public game which i’m super excited to work on.

The game im making will be a 1980s-based theme game which would be based in a US city like Chicago (if you have better suggestions feel free to give some!) The game would be a free roam game where you can experience / roleplay life as someone who lived in the US during the 1980s , get jobs, get your own apartment , hotel room, condo , pull off heists / robberies, and much more! - basically an amazing 1980s city experience.

My biggest concerns about a project like this is more towards the promoting / eye-catching side of the game which im more worried on rather than the development (since im experienced on the development side already so i know what im looking for in that regard).

My questions are:

  1. What would you expect from a 1980s theme game based in the US?
  2. Would you aim for realism or go for a low poly approach? Do players prefer low poly over realistic maps?
  3. What would be some cool details / future you would want to see in a game such as this?
  4. What would make players come back and continue to play this game continuously?

I appreciate all comments, feedbacks, and criticism and most importantly, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! :grinning:

  1. The thing I would pay attention to the most is chronologically correct buildings, areas, items, etc. Definitely research to make sure the things that were there are from the 1980s not the future.

  2. Low-poly I feel wouldn’t really work with 1980s style, it would clash and create a weird look.

  3. Interact-ibility definitely. A large map can be boring to explore if there aren’t things the player can change themselves, it gives a sense of control of what you are playing. So things like a newspaper stand or a till in a shop can be clicked to make noise etc.

  4. I don’t know if this is right for a RP game but maybe something like quests, like some NPCs. Also you could add badges if you have the budget and reward things for getting badges, such as going to the top of a building or finding a secret area. Maybe challenges too.

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In all seriousness though: a realistic 80s game would need more to immerse the player than a pop soundtrack from that era.

i know I’m late but
1 proper aesthetics and accuracy to the decade like technology and music
2 i think a realistic world with some low-poly elements spread around would be best
3 im spitballing here but, maybe something, where locations and stores would open or close depending on the time in a day-night cycle, would be cool, character customization with clothing items.
4 an expanding city and open opportunities to upgrade or grind for money for new items