What would you guys recommend if rookie wanted to learn how to script?

Hello, I’m a new member here! I don’t have much scripting knowledge nor building I only know how to change the behavior and some other properties etc: changing brickcolor or loop it on a part with a script. What else do you guys recommend a beginner to learn ?

help will be highly appreciated


I would say go and search certain things you want to learn on roblox developer. Which will give you some samples with explanation. Also learn from some YouTube tutorials and maybe get some free models are reverse engineer the scripts in the model.


The way I learned is:
~ Try a YouTube video, if there isn’t one;
~ Look for a free model, look inside of it, try to get a grip on how it works, then undo it to prevent a virus or anything;
~ Have a play around with it, sometimes you stumble onto the right thing randomly;
~ Make a post about it, somebody will have the answer.


I watch AlvinBlox for the essential basics of scripting


There are actually a lot of threads that tell how to start with scripting, but Ima just say once more:

You can learn the basics of most stuff the Roblox API covers, from Alvin Blox but once you start getting advance, you can’t depend on YT tutorials for everything, so you will need to explore the Devhub API reference & if you have any problems in code, you can search the Developer Forum.

And like people said earlier, you should get free models not to use in game but to learn from the code they have, you could also learn from the Open Source Modules people have made in Roblox, one of them is DataStore2 (I believe).



Hello, here are a few things that I would recommend you learn if you are new to scripting:

  1. Learn and explore the Roblox APIs.

    I would recommend being thorough with the APIs as it will be extremely useful in the future, if you
    plan to script a game

  2. I recommend you to watch roblox scripting tutorials on youtube

    This will help you to get a rough idea on what scripting is and what you are handling

  3. Practice scripting during your free time

    Practice your scripting whenever you have free time, which will help you be fluent in Lua.

  4. I recommend you read through roblox’s Developer Hub.

    Roblox Developer Hub is a place where you can find information on everything you use to script. Here is the link to Dev Hub: Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

  5. Use the Developer Forums to ask questions and increase your knowledge

    If you have any questions regarding scripting, you can ask in the dev forum and you will find the
    answer and increase your knowledge

Hope you have a good time scripting :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!


Adding onto to what everyone else was suggesting, I found that TheDevKing was really useful.


The official Roblox Education site has a load of projects to work through and allows you to build real functioning games that build in complexity as you progress.
It’s where I learnt lua and the Roblox API

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When teaching yourself, there’s no linear path from topic to topic. This is cool and IMO better than being taught, but also very demanding.

Follow these steps :arrows_clockwise:. When you need help, do the next step until you can.

  1. do project
  2. get info
  3. ask questions
  4. don’t give up

Getting good

The #1 best way to learn is by doing. As soon as you can, get started on a project and learn what you need along the way. Learn it when you actually want to use it, don’t try to learn everything up front. You won’t remember it anyway if you don’t actually use it for real. You learn by typing/programming/doing, not by reading. Experiment with the things you learn to get deep insight into how they work.

Getting started

At first you won’t even know where to start though, so you should seek out two kinds of information to get good enough to get started:

  1. Aimed at complete beginners, e.g. the most basic tutorials on the wiki
  2. Aimed at people who can already program (more advanced wiki or YT tutorials, Roblox documentation pages, reading other people’s code)

The first kind is to get up and running and actually seeing some results, because that’s fun and motivating. Get some bricks to change colors or whatever. This will get you from the first 0% to 1% good enough to start your project, and probably all the way to like 50% if you keep doing it.

The second kind is to get exposed to people who are better than you and info you don’t understand, because that’s the #2 best way to learn. You probably won’t understand most of what you find, but you’ll still get a better idea of the landscape, what’s out there. You won’t learn the things, but you’ll learn what things are possible to learn. Just go read the table of contents for the Lua 5.1 manual: Lua 5.1 Reference Manual - contents

Belive in yourself

Along your journey you’ll feel like you’re just copying code from tutorials and not actually understanding things properly, that’s fine and normal. One day things are going to click into place and you’ll see beyond the code into the matrix.

You might give up and start over a lot of times, that’s also normal and okay. You might feel like you’ve forgotten everything you read and it was all a waste, but you didn’t. Even if you try learn properly by using what you learned right away (learning by doing), some details are going to slip through because there’s just way too many details.

Google things

Everything you’ll ever want to know has been asked and answered a million times already. Save time for yourself and everyone else and just google your question.

There’s also a search bar on this forum :slight_smile:

RT :star2: M

Most of the things that people ask about is covered in official documentation either on the Roblox Wiki / dev hub, or the PiL 5.1 manual. Go straight to the source, for your own sake. Instead of learning from someone who learning from someone who watched some YT yutorial by someone whose cousin has been programming for a week.

Ask for help :smiley:

Ignore the last two things I said, and don’t let anyone tell you off for asking questions. This is a beginner- friendly environment and sometimes we just need things explained in different or personalized way to get it, or the manual is too hard for beginners, or the error codes are really bad and don’t explain anything, or we haven’t haven’t the prereqs for understanding something. Whatever reason you have and whatever question you have, someone here will help you out because we’re all super great :+1: The people who hang out here do it because we want to help.

It’s also okay to ask for advice or just talk about it if you’re not happy with how your learning is going.

Moar resources

Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub (not that great, it’s really poorly organized. If you spend some time scrolling through the topics you might find something cool.)

Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub (a little better)

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (a little mean- spirited and some info that doesn’t apply, but also lots of wisdom :mountain:)

Find dev-logs and programming videos on YT from other platforms than Roblox. There’s just not that much good content specifically for Roblox, and all the really good stuff is from other engines/platforms. A lot of info transfers, but obviously a lot is also engine specific. Not saying you should learn 50 languages at the same time, but seeing lots of different perspectives is valuable.


Please do some research before making a post like this There’s a lot of post about this.

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Noted! Sorry about that I’ll be more careful next time, thanks

If you don’t mind me giving an advice…

I honestly had no knowledge and no intention to learn how to program(script).

All I knew was print(“Hello”)

Although AlvinBlox and other youtubers’ are great, I recommend PeasFactory. His videos are kind of old and video such as “HopperBin” doesn’t even exists on Roblox anymore, most of the time they’re great and I learned from nothing to making my own game now!

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I couldn’t have got started without this hidden away part of the Roblox site.

I found Coding Project: Adventure Game particularly useful. It provides a step by step guide that allows a complete scripting novice produce a game with an underlying gameplay loop, including monetisation, providing a functional game design framework to the process of learning to script.

Well. I actually learned via trial and error, that is how a lot of people I know at least do it. If

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Yeah same here that how i learned by alvinblox.!

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