What you think of my first GFX?


This is my first GFX what do you think of it i’m proud of myself couse it’s for the first time if there are some things what i can do better please tell me so i can look for it in the future.


Love it, looks better then my first one, you could change the pose and backround but everything else great, also you have any socials?


Thx next time i will try to make it with some backgrounds but i did made it for my Discord profile that’s why it’s transparent.

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just kinda bit empty but yeah nice aint gonna lie i cant even import model to blender thingy.

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Id recommend an HDRI because the lighting is way to dim in some places and way too overbearing in others. The posing is slightly awkward but still good especially since it’s your first one. If you rendered that in eevee you should try cycles

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