Whatever was done to the public category today, undo it

Earlier today the public category started displaying long. There’s no other way to say it, but a screenshot should hopefully demonstrate what I mean:

Long screenshot

This is more than one length of my screen on my phone (which is where this was taken). That is absurd and interferes with my ability to read the developer forums.

I understand the goal was probably to make it so announcements weren’t missed by the majority of users, but please. It’s too much on mobile. Please revert it.


I was actually hoping this change was intended. I like it. I wish the same was done for #inception-forum, since I don’t like having to go into the category’s page to see threads that were recently posted in.


It now takes me three full swipes on my phone to get past the public category.

I’m not terribly impacted since I usually only use this page to find the rules thread, but I can imagine it’s now a chore for anyone intending to skim or visit specific categories. I don’t think this change is particularly necessary.

This is annoying me. If you make a change to the size of one catagory, could you make it consistent at the least? (Or even give a choice to the number of items shown per catagory)

The categories have been different sizes for as long as I know, so I think they just increased the size for the public one.

I enjoy the new size on desktop, but I absolutely agree on the mobile app it’s a bit absurd. However, other than announcements I usually find posts on the New and Latest tabs, as I can curate which categories do and don’t appear there and it’s a bit more chronological.

The current size doesn’t bother me. It’s actually good since I’m almost half blind and usually click the wrong thing.