What's a good amount of robux to pay a good builder with these standards?

I’m starting up a little project of mine and we’d obviously need some builders.

What’s a good price to pay someone with these standards?

  • Experienced in workflows involving the use of PBR ( Physically Based Rendering ).
  • Highly experienced in either 3D modeling-based building (Via use of either 3ds Max, Blender, or any other modeling platform of your choice) or the creation of high-detail Roblox builds (Please note that said builds will need to be exceptionally high quality due to the time required to optimize them.)
  • Capable and willing to work at a rapid pace with high-quality standards.
  • Extremely skilled with optimization.
  • Capable of formulating own designs without the use of concept art.
  • Capable and willing to work with others.


  • Prior experience within the SCP Group genre.
  • Ability to develop and map out new and innovative game design concepts.
  • Ability to use external software to generate original assets such as props and PBR materials for use in-game.
Example of our game's build styles



Pay them A LOT. Like honestly for that style he could make you do 3,000 an hour if he wanted to. If your on a budget just pay him like 300-1,000 a day.


Personally, coming from Unity I can tell you we mainly got paid in USD for assets. But in Roblox it’s different, from what I see it’s worth it for you to pay about 35-80 USD for those assets, nothing crazy as there are some issues in there. ( In Roblox they have the DevEx rates which are about Robux_Amount * 0.0035 = $Amount, so in reverse that would be $Amount / 0.0035 = Robux_Amount ). So in your case, I’d recommend to pay nothing more than 30,000 Robux for each asset ( 30,000 being pushing it to the max ).

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If your a rich user, then you can pay them depends on their quality of their build, or how high their composites are on their types of builds.
But if your a decent user (with a budget amount of Robux), you can pay them on how statistically amount they wanted you to pay, if sometimes cheap or affordable.

Depends on the way you’re doing it. Per hour? Or Per build? But, the higher requirements and quality the higher the price. A builder could easily charge 35K-45K per build with that. And it would even add more R$ if the others were to slow down the builder.