What's a good CTR? (for sponsors)

I heard people saying like anything below 1% CTR is bad, and 2-3% is good. I recently did a test sponsor for 1k robux and got 0.251% CTR.

Honestly that’s probably average… for my sponsors I get about 0.2%. Also consider that younger users can no longer see sponsored games… this may have taken a hit on CTR.

I get about 2-3% CTR. Very important is to understand your audience and make sure you’re sponsoring towards the correct audience. When I hit all ages, all devices (except console, cause that’s broken apparently), male and female, I get 0.2% CTR. After testing different age groups, genders and devices for a low amount of robux, I picked the audience with the highest CTR, and consequently went from 0.2% to averaging 2.5%. If you have done this and are still at 0.2%, then it’s your thumbnail

What audience do you choose when you sponsor? Like what age group, etc.

Your overall CTR will vary on the type of game you are choosing to Sponsor. As well as this, it depends who you choose to show your Sponsor to, for example if you target Mobile with a low age rating, and your game is designed to appeal to children (clickbait obbies, etc), then you may find you have a higher Click-through-rate.

Providing more information on your game you are attempting to sponsor will help us determine what CTR you should aim for, for the genre you are advertising to.