What's a good CTR on sponsorships?

I recently got a CTR of 2.135% in sponsorships, I’ve never gotten this high before and it seems to only have happened when I sponsored for only tablets and with a certain icon. But is there a higher CTR I should be aiming for before I pump 40k into this sponsor again?

Obviously 100% CTR is the goal but that’s unrealistic, so I’m curious what the average goal is for CTR.

By the way, the game is one of those “Escape the ___ Obby” games.

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Personally, I don’t advertise/sponsor games on the platform, however I do use skyscraper/banner ads to advertise my group.

Your 2.135% CTR is actually really good in my experience! I would definitely do one more test run of a smaller budget just to ensure that this isn’t a glitch on Roblox’s end, or you didn’t just get lucky.

Also, I’m not sure if you mean you’re going to pump 40k into it at once, but I would suggest against that. I usually don’t go much higher than 7-10k/ad. If you do it all at once, you don’t reach a wide enough audience and it doesn’t prove to be as successful.

I don’t understand what is a CTR, a CPC and a CPP. Can someone explain me ? :confused:

Appreciate the response, I was planning on putting 40k into it over the span of a week or 5 days possibly, however I just realized roblox removed the feature to sponsor to players <13, which is my main audience. I think I’ll take your advice and try again with a smaller amount, maybe 1k each day for 5 days and see if I still get a good amount of clicks. Thanks again!

I have a sponsor with similar statistics, and I’m not sure how much to invest. Could you tell me how many concurrent players you averaged over the 2-day sponsorship period?

Not many, I think I had about 5-6 players at a time. Sometimes I would check in and it would be 0, but it would pick up randomly.

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CTR is click through rate. CPC is click per cost I believe and CPP is click per person

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