What's a good name for a game that looks like this?

Hello yall. My question is simple: What’s a good name for a game that looks like this?

image image


Probably the name of a city. Many town games are titled the name of the city or town (ex. Bloxburg, Brookhaven).


I’m thinking it can be called “Polygon City”. It’s not too generic like what you would think of “Bloxville”, “Robloxia”, “Bloxburg”, whatever.


Polygon City is the name of the pack of models he is sharing.


no. Polygon city is not the name of the pack of models haha. It’s “polygon city pack”
but tbh, polygon city isn’t bad. I’ll wait on more replied though. Btw: I would like it if yall could give me bright names!

Mind you: In this game, you can do… well, anything?
So yeah. Think of a name for that, if that doesn’t bother all yall!

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I think that Polygonia is a cool name. :sunglasses:

not gonna lie, but it’s kinda weird to pronounce.

‘PolyCity Life’
Most epic and generic name I could think of.

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Aren’t these photos part of the Polygon City Pack, made for Unreal Engine 4?

They are. Read the title: What’s a good name for a game that LOOKS like this?

My team recreated the pack. We do not use direct assets.

In that case, one of MasterSapphireFrost’s suggestions, in opinion, i like ‘Poly World’.

PolyCity is an ok name to me but im not really sure its more if i play the game i could come up with a better name. But im guessing this cannot be played.

Grand Theft Angles IV since the game looks like its from GTA

well, we’re making a game that looks quite similar to this, and perhaps exactly like this.

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@coolguyweir Good luck on it

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