What's a good price for a level editor gamepass?

Hey there, currently I’m working on a level editor for my Infinite Obby. I realised that this might be profitable if I make a gamepass for it.

The problem is, I don’t know how much :robux: I should sell it for, please give me feedback.

How much should a level editor gamepass cost?
  • 299 :robux:
  • 399 :robux:
  • Other amount (please reply with the other amount)

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Actually what kind of gamepass do you want to make?

A gamepass to be able to make custom levels with my level editor

Actually a good price for it would be 699 as firstly it is difficult to make it, secondly people will be amaze by it because not too much game has this feature

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699 is way more than I expected, I’ll first see how much other people think it’s worth selling for.

598 robux
I think this is good price.


Imo 399 at max, 199 at min. It’s really up to you. I would just probably put it at 300.


how come 598 instead of 599? I get why 599 instead of 600, but why 598?

The price has been decided, 399 :robux:

500 because it can be abused and etc
make it more expensive its a good idea and brained peoples can do a lot of thing with that
or make same gamepass that will just restrict more than 100-200 part and make it 300 so they peoples will want to buy 500 robuxed one