What's a good program to make an alarm?

What I mean by making an alarm is creating an alarm audio I can upload to roblox.

You can always hire a SFX or go get a alarm sound and make it a SFX on roblox. You can also use “music maker, https://www.magix.com/us/music/music-maker/” or FL studio.

FL studio takes up a bit more space, so fee free to explore.

If you are on mac, there is GarageBand.
If you are on windows, there is Bandlab – Cakewalk, or Amplitube Custom Shop, which works on mac and windows.

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Honestly just save time and robux and look for one in the catalog, theres literally thousands of alarm sounds not to mention the sound modifyers you can apply, lots of options thatll save you time and money

Any program is good for making sound effects, if you don’t want to learn how to create your own effects from scratch you could view sites and you will probably find the ones your looking for.

I wouldn’t recommend hiring a professional expert just to make a certain sound effects since most of these things can be done all on your own however it’s all up to you, if your wanting to achieve this yourself you could experiment with alarm similar sounds in a program and start recording variety of ones.

There are many different programs out there that you could use and go from there. Including sites that provides it’s community with royalty free sounds a simple search can reveal some useful sites including programs to produce sound effects in. There are sound effects that can be used for personal use with a licenses:

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