What's a good way to go about this progress system?


First off, apologies if this is the wrong category, felt like this was the appropriate place given it’s a game mechanic.

Anyway, I am working on an obby game that contains a progress system. Problem is that I am not sure how i would go about creating this progress system. I was thinking I could make a physical path, each adding x amount to a progress bar using .Touched event, then adding that player to a table specific to that part, however this contains a lot of instances and I’m worried about performance. What would you recommend?

How many instances do you expect there to be?

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Expecting anywhere from 500 to 3000 depending on the size/length of the map.

Also is the obby linear or is it going to have turns/bends, since I have a method to get the progress if its linear.

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It’s going to have turns and bends as well as potential intersections (which I’m not too worried about atm).

Ok, what you could do is have a part at each bend/turn and then continuously measure the distance between the player’s character and the part, after the player passes the part (could be checked with a .Touched and placing the instance in a dictionary/array so that it is only passed once) it looks for the next part and displays the previous path length + the current length. To convert this to progress you would need to add all the distances between the parts together, so if part A is 10 studs away from part B and part C is 15 studs away from part B, the total length would be 25 studs.

You would then do the previous path length+the current length / total length of path

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I’m a little confused as to how I’d do this though. I’ll send a screenshot of the map and its path.

So at every bend/ turn you can put a part and label it 1 higher than the previous one

This is an example of how the progress could be calculated


The issue is that the players’ progress is going to be shown on their screen, and if I only had turns at every part, it would be a bit choppy. Also, if the player misses a part, the next part won’t be able to register the .Touched event, which can also be an issue. I could try using Region3 but once again, that leaves me worried about performance.

You could make the parts at a 5 or 10 stud interval or as long/short as you like, the parts also would need to span the entire length of where the player can walk in that area

So not like this

But like this

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