What's an Ideal Robux-to-Player Ratio?

Currently, my game earns anywhere between 0.75 robux for every 1 player (0.75:1), to sometimes over 1 robux for every 1 player (>1:1). I haven’t spent any money on ads for my game yet because it’s still in BETA/I’m working out the kinks

What’s the ideal robux-to-player ratio for a game? Does it depend on the game’s type/genre? My game is a military-themd tycoon.


How much roblox do you have?
I think 1000 Robux is the ideal to make your game kinda popular.
And yes I think it depend on the game’s type.
If it’s a tycoon well… I don’t know. You should put 500 Robux.
After all, I don’t know I never used ads.

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He’s asking what a good Robux to Player ratio is, not how much robux to spend on advertising.

Well, I don’t know then… (30 chars)

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1000 robux seems kinda small to me, I usually go for 5k at minimum. I’ve put well over 100k into ads in a single day before, but I think it needs to be spread out more.

well for my game i earn about 1.3 per player, but for tycoons it might be less than 0.25 per player tho

Yeah, before I updated my game and focused on implementing monetization a bit better, on a month-to-month basis I usually got anywhere from 0.5:1 to 0.6:1, now for this month I’m pushing 0.85:1 with some days having more than a 1:1 robux to player ratio.

Never knew tycoons had that low of a ratio, I always expected them to have the highest since the monetization for the popular ones is almost entirely based around players buying more cash?

I think it’s because tycoons usually arent super engaging(unless its the miner’s haven style). Most people just end up afk in their bases waiting.