What's an original game you would play on roblox?

I’m really stuck on coming up with an original game idea.
So my question is as the title says, what is an original game idea that you would love to see on rolox?
-Not too much for a solo developer
-PM me your idea

Thank you in advance!

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Car Derby! I loved crashing cars into other cars, getting points, and spending it on upgrading or buying a better car and also doing stunts in them!


Car Crushers 2 (DerbyArena)
Car Craft (Found in Sponsored section if you wanna see it)

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Maybe something like BEAR* would be something. If modified, I would play it

good luck with your game!
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I know they exist, I just remember a car derby game back in 2012 that doesnt exist anymore but it was a instant hook for me. It’s like a competition.

Ultimate Assassin

  • A game where someone is randomly selected to be the victim. Someone is randomly selected to be the killer. Everyone else is selected to be the defender of the victim.

  • The premise is simple: A timer ticks down slowly, as an assassin is spawned in one of any number of places on a map. Guards are given a selection of weapons to utilize, each with their own upgrade tree that makes them more viable.

The assassin’s upgrade tree allows them to capitalize off their twostrengths:
Invisibility time, since the goal of the assassin is to stay undetected and hunt down their target; guards are optional.

Sprint time, allowing them to speed up and remain on the run for a longer period.

The victim is designed to be entirely at the mercy of their assassin, aside from the guards, the only way a target can survive is cunning maneuvers, against an assassin, whose only weapon is a knife and their speed.

  • The simplicity of an assassin needing to play smart against people with guns, while remaining undetected, is nice. Even after killing their mark, they need to flee the scene and evacuate from a randomly selected exit point, winning the game.

  • There aren’t enough simple, yet precisely fun assassin games on roblox.

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How about a cyber war game, where each player is in a basement of a house, and all houses exist in a futuristic but slightly ruined land. The game is endless with no true game over or victory, allowing for extended playtime, and with a VIP server you can choose between a Customizable server (Game can be configured by server owner, but data doesn’t save) and a Regular server (Game cannot be configured and data saves but with a slight percent of Crypto income removed).

Mechanics and gameplay

In the basement, there is a table, a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, and tower, as well as some essentials, like a WI-FI Router. The PC setup and router is slightly trashed, but it’ll do. Using your setup plus your current WIFI router, you can access the internet.

In the internet, you can find free and paid programs in the ExecStore, like:

  • Anti-Viruses - Adds digital defenses and will effectively remove viruses varying on quality.
  • Cryptominers - Enables your setup to produce Crypto, and depending on your setup you will produce more Crypto.
  • Lua Engines - Similar to Lua runtimes you can get realistically, but has a different spin in features. Some enabling wait(), some allowing RTTP Requests.
  • Code Editors - Implements certain Syntax and shortcuts. Purely convenience.

Free programs (referred ingame as Freeware) do not cost money, but the more you download Freeware, the more likely your computer will accidentally install a virus.

Paid programs (referred ingame as Paidware) cost a hefty amount of crypto, but they are less likely to be a virus, and are more likely to be higher quality.

All programs will be generated randomly, and reviews will be pointers for if you should download a program. If a new program’s date of upload is very recent, you can bookmark the program’s page to eventually download the program when enough reviews are generated (Bookmarks would be a gamepass exclusive).

Some programs will require being programmed by players themselves. RTTP Requests are a viable way of attacking other players if said other players are using the internet, although players with specific anti-viruses will be invincible.

Oh, and don’t forget, although you can go outside, the electric fields are too strong for organic instances to survive outside, and will kill you.

Hopefully, this branches off as a really good game!