What's better, Ads or Sponsorships?

Ads and sponsorships are in a way the same but looking at how to control who sees this depending on you targeted player-base (12 and under or 13+) you may have to think more about what the ad or game icon looks like and what you should really go with.
Advertisements get a lot of notice, they’re almost on every page, Discover, Profile, Avatar shop, etc. while sponsored games are only seen on the Discover page or if you’re looking for games.

  • Advertisements
    Most common type of advertisement, you have three different kinds of ad types
    728x90 Banner

    160x600 skyscraper

    and 300x250 Large Rectangle
    300x250 block ad template
    Banner and skyscraper are most common as Large Rectangle is only seen on the Profile page and is most commonly never seen. Banners and skyscrapers are on almost every page. Advertisements have to have a graphical design and can take a lot of time to make just one advertisement. Advertisements are also given to random people so it’s a 50/50 if your ad is shown more to your wanted player-base as there is only typing how much robux you want to spend and pressing Run.
    Ad example1
  • Sponsorships
    Sponsorships allow you to advertise your game onto the Discover page, you don’t have to worry about and graphical design except the icon. with sponsorships you gain more control for who you want to advertise to. If you wanted the people seeing this 13+ you can have only 13+ selected.
    age example
    This would lead to more players clicking if your game is racing as people under the age of 13 (about 6-9) wouldn’t be as interested in cars rather than 13- or 14-year-old.
    If your game is only for computer or console you can select what device or platform you want the game to be advertised to.
    Platform example
    And if you have a genre or think your game has a genre for only a specific genre you can choose that specific gender.
    Gender example
    Finally, you can select how many days you want your sponsor to run with how many robux per day with a max of 9999999 robux per day and 28 days.

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