What's better for map building, smooth terrain or CSG Blender terrain?

Currently planning the future of my flagship game. I released a new, revamped version of it in the summer, and it’s done fairly well for me, but recently some competition has started to arise. I’ve been working on some pretty big updates like adding a huge update to the gun system with new gun models and animations, adding new countries, new game modes, etc. but I feel my game’s feel is still pretty old.

I’m looking into redoing the terrain within the next couple of months. Currently planned is to make all the bases combined into two or three separate islands, instead of twelve for each team. From there, I’d either use terrain, like the game hyperlinked above, or stick to a brick/CSG style like this, but use a more cartoony/low poly style.

What should I do?


This really depends and actually boils down to what type of game you’re making. If it’s target audience is in between 6 and 12 years old, brick/CSG is the way to go (it looks plastic and friendly). If your target audience is 13+ and above, you could use smooth terrain (it looks rough and coarse). But this also depends on the theme of your game; if you’re making something where you walk around and interact with things like a platformer, CSG is your choice. If your game is more about PvP or a realistic FPS, you should pick terrain.

Ideally, based on a few quick glances around the games you linked, I would go with CSG. Terrain is too heavy and difficult on the eyes for simpler games like that, although it is easier to maintain, create and change.