What's Better To Animate A Cutscene

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This post is short and simple.
What is better for cutscenes. Moving the rig itself in the animation editor or tweening it in a script.

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If by moving the rig itself you mean using something like MoveTo(), that’s generally what you should do. If by tweening it in a script you mean tweening the CFrame of the HumanoidRootPart, that’s not at all how you should do it. Tell me if it works for you!

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Sorry for my wording what I meant by moving the rig itself is that I would move it in the animation editor itself. If your opinion changes please let me know!

That could be an option, but you should mainly do MoveTo().

Thanks I will definitely take that into consideration!

You can use cutscenify, i think that plugin would work tbh

Cutscenify? All I really used was codes otaku I will definitely check that out.

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