What's Coming in 2019: This Year's Developer Roadmap

Really can’t wait for custom materials, i think it would be amazing, because you can insert any image file and make it into a material like unity and unreal engine.

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I see a lot of good things on here but I can’t wait for those custom materials :eyes:


The plan for this year is to not have any changes to the language and preserve syntax and behavior of existing code as much as humanely possible. We will have optional syntax for type annotations as part of “Typed Lua”, but currently aren’t planning any other syntax changes.

Having said this, it’s possible that we’ve missed something obscure so we’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:

And yeah this thread was related to the performance work. It currently looks like we’ve found a way to work around the issues with fenv and preserve behavior of code that uses it, but as mentioned in that thread we’ll be advising against using these functions since they won’t be compatible with the typing effort and will cause new interpreter to hit some slow paths.


Aww, that’s a bit of a shame. Specular highlights was something I was really looking forward to this year :frowning:


I hope this (Terrain Vegetation) will have the ability to be disabled, for certain maps that might use the grass terrain with a different color for something other than grass, or for maps like mine where I am making my own custom vegetation, with its own meshes and rules of placement. I think just a global default vegetation might clash with the custom style of some maps.


There’s been a bit of miscommunication internally wrt rendering roadmap, we’ll have better specular highlights from the sun as “phase 2.5” and this hasn’t been accurately reflected in the roadmap - just not the full phase 3, other things like terrain vegetation and custom materials took priority.


The goal is to have as much ability for developers to configure this as possible by adjusting colors/density/variation and providing custom vegetation meshes/textures. Of course this will be optional as well. We haven’t implemented this yet so details are up in the air, for example it’s possible that we will provide support for custom meshes but the polycount limits on the meshes will be very strict.


I would say that’s a pretty good call. I can’t speak for others, but I would MUCH prefer custom materials and terrain vegetation over full phase 3, especially if we’ll still get specular highlights in some form even without it. :smile:


Sounds great! As long as moving forward the team is aware of how important options and more importantly the ability to opt out is. But I am really excited, about this!

Hey Zeuxcg - could you elaborate on what the ‘Custom Materials’ item includes, or link to a previous comment on it? If this is what I think it is - user-generated custom textures as materials with custom spec and normal maps (created and authored by us devs), this is incredibly exciting to me.


That’s what you think but I believe this item is supposed to be in Q4, not Q2. We’ll fix the rendering roadmap up soon.


Future is Bright Phase 3 indeed will slip into 2020 according to current calculations


That’s absolutely fantastic, and a great step towards making Roblox feature equivalent to more traditional game engines. Thanks for replying!

Probably 2020 unfortunately.
(OMG OMG OMG 30 characters)


Am I dreaming? I love all of these updates!


Seems oddly familier.


Thank you for all your hard work! I am very excited to see what is happening next.

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Mesh and Model LODs, Sun Shadows, Custom materials, procedural AND interactive grass, heightmaps for terrain, 64-bit servers…

This is INSANE.

Cool. What exactly are “Phased Game Updates”? Isn’t that already what happens?

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Nope, phase 2 are sun shadows. Phase 3 is supposed to be everything else. Without phase 3 future is bright wouldn’t be half of what we expect it to be.

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I’m not let down at all. They’re obviously laying the groundwork for phase 3 (and beyond) with all the rendering updates planned for this year. I can wait a few months for 100% FIB.

Also it will probably look significantly better with the other things they’re implementing until then.