What's Coming in 2019: This Year's Developer Roadmap

Probably 2020 unfortunately.
(OMG OMG OMG 30 characters)


Am I dreaming? I love all of these updates!


Seems oddly familier.


Thank you for all your hard work! I am very excited to see what is happening next.

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Mesh and Model LODs, Sun Shadows, Custom materials, procedural AND interactive grass, heightmaps for terrain, 64-bit servers…

This is INSANE.

Cool. What exactly are “Phased Game Updates”? Isn’t that already what happens?

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Nope, phase 2 are sun shadows. Phase 3 is supposed to be everything else. Without phase 3 future is bright wouldn’t be half of what we expect it to be.

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I’m not let down at all. They’re obviously laying the groundwork for phase 3 (and beyond) with all the rendering updates planned for this year. I can wait a few months for 100% FIB.

Also it will probably look significantly better with the other things they’re implementing until then.




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I think I worded that poorly. The new lighting upgrades are definitely great, however what’s coming in phase 3 is even more monumental compared to what we have so far.

The progress being made so far on FIB has impressed me and I look forward to it’s continuing development.

Terrain Vegetation

Grass and rocks become procedurally placed on terrain surface. Grass will procedurally react to character movement.

OH WOW OKAY! I am EXTREMELY excited for this! Realism for games will be so much easier, especially since it will react to character movement! Please make it a toggle, though!


I can’t wait for the future is bright sun shadows!

Universe scripts, 64-bit servers, type-checking lua, STREAMING min radius (For games that need a minimum view distance), custom materials, AND MORE.

Here’s to a great 2019! (Even though it’s already April)

Excited to see these changes being rolled out


Looking at the updated road map, there are a few things I am really excited for.

Terrain Vegetation - This sounds pretty cool. I hope that performance doesn’t change with the grass.
Typed Lua - This is going to make scripting a bit faster, so thank you.
Script Collaboration - As a developer who works with others, this sounds amazing.
Fast Game Testing for Large Worlds - YAY! Finally, I won’t have to wait so long to test my games!

Overall, most of the items on the road map sound awesome and I can’t wait to see them put in action! Thank you to everyone who is going to or is currently working on these!


Noooooooooooooooooooo, my skyboxes!!! This will be the 7th year I harass you guys about skyboxes!

I’m excited about all of the performance focused changes in the pipeline. Performance is so important for the slow machines out there!


I’m glad to see streaming enabled is being heavily optimized. I think streaming enabled is such an important tool, if Roblox can figure out the kinks.

Looking forward to all of these other changes.



did my feature request get through? :eyes:


Looks very exciting this year! I’m really looking forward to things such as custom materials, phased game updates, and script collaboration! I also can’t wait to see the terrain vegetation update!

Really hyped to see all the amazing new features Roblox has been pushing out lately! Really hyped to see whats to come!

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hype hype hype! can’t want for these features

Based on the wording, will object shadowing be available for light instances on the sun shadows update or will it fall under phase 3? i.e player character casting shadows via fire light