Allow Specific Users Play Access to Private Games

With the addition of being able to play privates games that you have developer access to, play-testing games on a live Roblox server has never been easier! However, there is still one limitation that I feel needs to be addressed.

The inability to specify exact users that can play a specific game can bring developers a bit of a struggle when certain scenarios arise.

I recently ran into this issue when dealing with a few staff members who requested access to play-test a game that is currently in development. It was kind of a shock that even Roblox Staff cannot access Private games that they do not have Developer privileges to.

(In this case I would be more than willing to give these staff members Game Edit privileges through the group, however it’s understandable that they do not want to go through that process all the time)

My suggestion:

Inside of the “Configure this Place” or “Configure this Game” pages, I suggest there should be a developer-dictated list of users who can play the game while it is set to private, nearly identical to the “Translators” feature found in the Game → Configure Localization page:


A developer could easily add and remove users on the fly that they would like to have play access to.

Why not just make the game Public whenever they need access?

Making the game Public does exactly that - makes it accessible to everyone as they please. This includes potential place-stealers who are waiting at the ready to join the split second the game goes Public and download your assets, or on the less extreme - you run the risk of leaking the game you’ve been trying so hard not to leak during development (idea stealers also exist).


In addition to this, perhaps some setting that allows a defined rank in a group to access private games?


Agreed. While this is doable by giving edit privileges, it would certainly be nice to let people test a game with you while it’s private without risking IP theft.


There is a separate feature request for that: