What's going on with deleting posts?

When I try to delete an post on the devforum, I get this:

I’ve tried several times, but it still couldn’t delete it.

(I’m trying this on the #help-and-feedback:scripting-support category)

The better question to ask is “Why are you trying to delete your post?”

It died, and I don’t want it covering up space in the category as important topics may get pushed down.

It is literally one topic, it doesn’t clutter anything, and has potentially useful information for future readers that might have your same exact problem.

Just leave it be.

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Alright, thank you. (More text so it’s 30 characters)

This is intentional. You cannot delete threads if they have replies on them or if a certain time threshold has passed (the latter, I’m not sure about). The forums are a public resource and your thread, once posted, becomes that. You don’t have permission to pull your thread whenever you want if it has information that can be useful to other developers or sparks discussion.

If you want to delete a topic, you can also flag your own post with the Something Else option and ask for it to be removed. However, DevEngagement will not remove topics that have value to other users, in accordance with the above.