What's in my inventory (REUPDATED!)

What are you working on? (REUPDATED!!!)
I have created a YouTube channel to document and post all of my animation progress on both Blender and Roblox Studio

Here is my most recent and first blender animation ever!

Let me know what you think of the “trial 1” animation. Leave a like!
Keep in mind that some animations are meant to be slow/fast for a reason. Ballet turns tends to be more sharper or graceful. Same for gymnastics and contortion as well. Most of these animations I made off of video references, the fps in general has influence over the speed of the animations.


If you have made it all the way down here to this message, THANK YOU for watching.

Honestly, let me know what you think?

The last 2 videos, froze midway, so disregard that please.

These are super cool! But one thing to mention for me at least, it seems like there’s unnatural stopping between combos, and at the end of each animation, it’s kind of awkward. I’m not sure if that’s a Roblox thing, but if it’s not and you could fix it I believe it’d be perfect!

Would love to see more updates on your work!

Yes I agree. So the way Roblox programs animating/animations in Roblox is to make all the body parts move back to their starting position where the humanoid root part is once the animation is completed. I have been working with my scripter friend to make a custom local script that fixes that. Thank you for your response!

Keep in mind that all the games like Mocap Dancing or TTD3 don’t animate their emotes on ROBLOX.
They animate them on a software called Blender and import them into ROBLOX.
It’s almost impossible to make a professional animation on ROBLOX without using an external software.

However, These are really impressive for ROBLOX. Very clean

Great job! The animations are really smooth and clean.

clean, but one thing i am noticing iis thaat in all of these the pose changing is very rigid

Thank you you for the feedback!

Thank you, and right that is why it’s called a pose. Usually when dancing, it would be used after a similar, almost identical pose to prolong the effect. But I will work on that, thank you

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Thanks, it’s actually my next step to at least switch over to Blender for more of the longer animations that require more “liveliness and fire” (lowkey a better graphing editor), to make them look better.

I have tried in the past to use Blender but I always had trouble with rearranging my camera position quickly. And I guess it just felt a bit awkward, since I just because so attached to Roblox plugins, so yes I definitely will make an effort to try.

The animations are amazing, keep going at it!