What's In The Fog - DevLog #1 - Introduction

Welcome to the introduction of my newest project called “What’s In The Fog.”

About - You’re in an town and the citizens have rumored about some creatures lurking in the fog taking citizens if they get to close to the fog. One citizen that was suspected to have been taken has been talking about a secret mine that he owns and suspects to be a way beyond the fog. Your objective is to find clues on where he hid his map to the location of his mine and tool to open the mine, But be careful of the fog that will be blown into parts of the town to slow down tour progress.

Gameplay - You will have a choice of playing with One, Two, or even Four players! The more players you play with the harder the difficulty curve will be to add some spice to the gameplay. You will have no idea of which tools you will need to open the mine till you find the map and investigate it yourself, so each time you may need a new tool to open the mine. The Fog will be blown by the wind to make it so some parts of the map will be unreachable till the wind picks up and moves it. This is an Explorational/ Horror/ Mystery game so you need to explore the deepest and furthest of places to find your tools to get your map.

Development Team - Currently the game is going to be worked on by myself and that’s it. You’re welcome to apply to join the development team by putting a comment in the comment section and ill give you a way to contact me or contact me through Roblox messaging system.

Testers - All testers will gain first access to the game and will be the main influence of bug fixes and so forth. If you would like to apply to join the testers you must send a comment in the comments and ill give you a way to contact me or message me in Roblox . (Make sure to request to the group named “MetaWorks Studios” if you wanna apply)

(Also any questions you may have please and and ill answer them the best of my ability currently)

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I’ve been doing GFX for 3 years, is that apart of your development team requests?


I would be interested in some form of GFX for the game in a later point in development. Add my Discord if you wanna talk more on this LostFlakez#9559. I’m about to go to sleep, but if you do add me on discord just let me know and ill contact you when I’m free.


Wow this is a great original concept, I can’t wait to see it!


Thank you, the concept took aqhile to come up with. Im also planning a roblox mini movie off the idea to that will add more back story to it.