What's My Hallway Lacking? (SCP Creation)

I have a hallway. I know it’s lacking things like “rooms” and “variety” but that’s not what I’m here for. I’ve got to know what changes and additions are needed to make this hallway good looking (yessir! :sunglasses:).

All suggestions are appreciated, unless they’re not.

Edit: Used some of your suggestions and updated my build,

Is there anything it is still lacking?


Where is the light coming from? The only light sources I see are those two white things, but the shadows don’t match with those.


Are there lights beside the ceilings? If so I think the light should scatter throughout the ceiling to give it a proper and realistic look.

I think making the lights have more of like a glow instead of just LIGHT being there it would make it feel more real, I also think maybe a brick texture on the indent part would make it look less mundane

I like the ceiling and floor designs, especially with the pipes and drains(?). However, the sides feel lacking; try to add an occasional electrical box or pipes going downwards/upwards.