What's purpoice of having 2 similar tabs in creator dashboard? (Decals and Images)

I don’t understand what’s purpoice of having 2 identical tabs which contain same things, does something makes them diffirent (with exeption of allowment to drag and drop files in decals)?

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It looks like that the Decals tab are just decals, while the Images tab contains badge images, and I think it also contains model thumbnails.

“Decals” are the front end assets that you browse in the marketplace and add to your inventory.
“Images” are the raw images that Roblox loads in games, on the website, and so on.

To explain further and hopefully clarify the difference: Decals, models, shirts, etc are all the front facing assets. You purchase the decals and such to keep in your inventory for example. These in reality serve not much purpose past having a way to buy and sell things, as well as pointing to the image ID for the games to find.
Image assets are the back end of things that Roblox uses in games and such - Go into studio and find a decal you like, then put that decal on a part. If you look at the image ID property and go to the ID in it, you’ll see it’s the ID to the related image asset, and not the decal asset

That’s why you’ll see a ton of other pictures under “Images”, such as model/game thumbnails or the templates to clothing you’ve uploaded. Those are all the assets that Roblox uses on the website and in games to show you everything.