What's the 4th way of writing a string?

There are 4 ways of writing a string in Roblox Lua

value = "hello world"
value = 'hello world'
value = [[hello

What’s the fourth?

I knew it at one point, but then I forgot.
Any master Skript0rs out there who remember?

value = [“Hello World”]
? I think this is what you’re talking about. I might be wrong tho

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Those are really the only ways.

Do you mean:

value = [==[ [[lol]] ]==]

Where the amount of = signs can be arbitrary but they must match? I wouldn’t really call that a different string constructor.

I think the purpose of this was to allow closing ]] because this is valid:

[[ [[ ]]

But this isn’t:

[[ [[ ]] ]] -- ignore the syntax highlighter, it isn't correct

With the former the last opening brackets are seen as contents of the string. But for the latter the first closing brackets are seen as ending the string. So the closing and opening ones are the ones with = signs in between each bracket.