What's the best gun kit for all platforms?

title says it. trying to make a shooter game but I don’t want to make a gun kit.

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there is no “best gun kit”. you choose the one that suits you best, is the most reliable and the easiest one

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yeah, I want to test an idea. if I like it then I’ll make my own

you should go for a gun kit made by a vietnam guy in roblox. it should be in the toolbox. “FE gun kit”. it’s pretty good and customizable

mobile support? most kits lack mobile support

see for yourself. the last time i ever used it it had mobile buttons.

yeah fe gun kit has mobile support, controller support, etc.

make your own. most freely avalible gun kits will never be able to be completely integrated into your game, let alone having the customization you need along with mobile support

FE gun kit literally has mobile support, is fully customizable and you can add your custom guns. I do agree that making your own is better though, but in this case the OP does not want to.

Yeah I’m gonna make my own. I’ve changed the game to be third person so I don’t have to make view models. It’s inspired by the apex legends April fools update.