What's The Best Place To FInd Good Vector Icons?

Where should I go to find good icons? Preferably free ones, but they don’t have to be free as long as they are good quality. I’m talking about icons that you can use for UI and gamepasses (like speed coil or something)

Really depends on what you need, for most I would just make your own… Otherwise a simple google search typically produces semi-decent results for icons, but they may not be the correct size.


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what about icons like these?

why dont you get it custom made?

dude you’re not gonna find free icons of that qualtiy and tailored to specific things you want you either have to make it yourself or you’re going to have to hire someone, simple as that

You can use sites like https://www.flaticon.com/ and Google to search up what you need for the basic rendition and edit all together with programs like https://www.getpaint.net/, I would recommend not going for the cash-grab icon look.

There’s a large catalog of icons on a website called “Game-icons”

They are all free to use and only request that you credit them somewhere in your game (description, credits GUI, etc)

Thanks but my friend told me the website it came from I can just buy it