What's the best strategy to get a community/players in your game?

I released my game officially last Friday and a few people in my 20 member discord server joined but after that, my game has had no players even after running ads. I would only get a player to join if they clicked my ad but for only around 5-10 minutes. My game’s tutorial is around that time but there are still things you can do afterward.

I would really like to know how could I build a community and a player base.

Some things I’m trying is:

  • Roblox advertising
  • Word of mouth from my friends
  • And regularly checking for bugs and adding cool features (I added an in-game crops planted leaderboard for who plants the most crops)

Like I said earlier, I would get one person to join but leave after 5 minutes. My question is how did other people get their game known and what tactics or ways could I use to get a player base?

I’m running four ads: A 50, 25, 25, 25 :robux: bid and the 50 one currently has a 4.48 CTR. I ran that same ad yesterday and it only got a 0.58 CTR which I found very odd as well…

Something a lot of people talk about in topics like mine is using Twitter for the game which I don’t see as effective as it only works if people follow you. (I’m not familiar with twitter so if someone can explain why having a twitter for my game is effective that’d be great!). I’m also considering making a TikTok account because it’s FYP (for you page) is essentially just free advertising…

Or maybe my game needs more features which are planned but currently you can Explore, Build, Plant, Sell, and RP if you wanted to… here’s the link if anyone wanted to see it…


Hey! I tried out your game, development-wise, here are some improvements that could be made:

  • All the npcs could have an animated wave when approaching them, this would make them feel much more alive, perhaps add an arrow that leads to where the person needs to go for their quest in the tutorial. (arrows as in, ones that lead to where the area is so that you don’t have to search for the arrow billboard gui)

  • The potions on the shelf in Sal’s shop are floating.

  • The particles in the town area look very odd, and out of place. Try making each particle into a single confetti rather then into a chuk of confetti.

  • The plants on sal’s shelf look very odd without a pot. Perhaps try putting them in pots?

  • The game icon and thumbnails don’t really look that appealing.

  • The landscaping is a bit bare, especially around the town and spawn area. I suggest adding some bushes, rocks, rivers, etc to give it more detail. If your game gets more traction, you could also try adding different biomes.

  • I suggest adding a few more tree varieties to your game. Currently, from what I see, there are only really 2 types of trees. If you aren’t able to create more trees, you could “fake” variety by making them different sizes, and possibly spacing them closer together.

  • I do love your building style. Many of the current players on Roblox prefer the low-poly and cartoony style builds that are typically in story and simulator games. If all fails, perhaps try adding a few low-poly aspects? I don’t think this will be an issue though, many games that aren’t low poly are extremely successful.

Twitter is incredibly effective, even if people don’t follow you, you can get exposure using the #Roblox or #RobloxDev tags. I’ve gotten over 800 likes on a post before with under 100 followers.

Roblox advertisements of 25-50 robux won’t really do much for you so you may have to depend on social media and word of mouth, out of curiosity, what’s your budget?

Just wanna note though, for a group created last friday, 30 members is extremely high.


Here are some things to think about before further promoting your game

  • We live in the smart phone age; the age of instant gratification. People want the thing and they want it NOW. The game falls short of this. Loading takes a long time. Text appears slowly. Purchasing seeds is slow and somewhat unresponsive (the cha-ching sound is good, but it should have a visual too).
  • The tutorial w/ skip button format should be avoided. Why? Because 99% of people will click “Skip Tutorial”. Don’t expect anyone to learn anything from that tutorial. Ideally it would be so obvious that a tutorial isn’t needed. But what if that isn’t possible? A great option is a tutorial board near the spawn. So long as the info on the board is short and simple, many people will read it.
  • As the other reply said, the amount you’ve spent on ads isn’t enough to get the ball rolling. You’ll need at least 5k for the advertising strategy, and that’s assuming your game is well-designed, polished, and has good retention.
  • There won’t be much in the way of forgiveness or sympathy. I make this point because you’re asking us not to dislike the game, and telling us how hard you worked on it. Random strangers can and WILL dislike your game for any reason. Random strangers don’t care if the game took 1 second or 3 years to make: All that matters is whether they’re satisfied or not.

So you mean that it’s slow as in the dialogue or the buying of it…?

Is that what you mean? If so then does this give enough information to help players?

Honestly man, I look at your game and the environment just doesn’t look like you put too much effort into it. It looks like you didn’t even model a single item for the game. Add better lighting too. An atmosphere with the density up a tad goes a long way.