What's the best way to create a bullet drop-like system?


I’m attempting to create a system where a cannon shoots out and the cannonball slowly goes down after a while, also, it travels threw naturally without using something like Tween (I’ll explain later)

I can tell I’ll be suggested with FastCast and stuff, while I could try this, It would be preferably better to use my own system.

Now, with Bullet traveling, what I mean is something like this:
robloxapp-20220521-2351518.wmv (1.1 MB)

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So do you want the cannonball to drop faster than it would normally with gravity? If you just give it some velocity in a direction, it will drop naturally.

Didn’t ROBLOX discourage that? I remember seeing that somewhere.

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I would use Bézier Curves and tween between those points.

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Then the killing part will bug out. I’ve tried similar, and it almost never killed anyone. Also, that’s a bit too complex for me, but I can try if I need to.

How did you write the “killing part”? You should be using OverlapParams. The easiest one would be GetPartsInPart. This will remain accurate.

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I could try. The last time I attempted this was a while ago and I knew nothing.

bullet.CFrame = CFrame.new(gunPos, mosPos)
bullet.AssemblyLinearVelocity = bullet.CFrame.lookVector * 350

This does work, but come with huge flaws(Didn’t use raycasting for this one)
Touched event rarely work.
Bullet lag.
Bullet spawning postion is little offset.

Are you able to give a code example so I can see which direction I should go to?

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