What's the best way to do this?

How should I go about making blood? I have an ok blood system but the getting the origin and direction is pretty bad. When a blood drop touches a part, what’s the best way to get an origin and direction for a raycast? god i wish there was a position for where parts collide


I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re asking. The blood should spawn below the player, so if you’re using raycasting, just find the nearest surface underneath the player.

As for the rotation of the blood, use this:

Blood.Orientation = (RaycastResult.Position + RaycastResult.Normal)

I have that, what I meant was, what is the best way to get the origin and direction for the raycast when a blood drop touches a part. I mean this for all directions, not just below.

So you want the blood drop to be oriented onto a wall if it touches a wall?

If so, you can shoot a ray from the player to the position where the blood drop touched the part, and do the same thing I mentioned above?

I figured out another way, it works pretty well, I just added drag to the drop and it automatically rotates the drop where it is travelling.