What's the best way to get into building & modelling?

Hi there,
so I’ve wanted to get into building and modelling but it’s been a bit difficult lately because I haven’t found a lot of good tutorials online.

So how did any of you developers learn or what do you suggest?



I just randomly started building cause I got inspired by a game called Fantastic Frontier

It’s building style really endorsed me into getting started, I’m also self taught and didn’t follow much tutorials in how to build, just look at references and practice


Thanks Vernlage I’ll give it a try!

You can learn on your self actually. Just imagine the build you want to do. and if there is something you don’t know how to do, pretty sure someone have posted a Devforum post about it that has answers (Googling helps sometimes too)

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You simply just do it. You can’t get good until you commit to the grind.

That game is a work of art.

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Using a Plugin called F3X is an easier way of building in my opinion and watching tutorials is also another way.

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I started modeling when I realized other 3d software such as blender has way more use than trying to spend hours using unions. The first model I ever made in blender took me a few hours cause I wasn’t using any tutorials, the more you model or build, the better and more efficient you get.

Model or build things you like, for me it’s weapons.

I made this sniper back when I started modeling 8-9 months ago.

I made this sniper a few weeks ago, although I may not be good at modeling, I can definitely say I improved over time as I kept trying and trying every day.

Sometimes it helps watching tutorials, for me it helps if I try it myself and only if I am really stuck I’ll look up a tutorial.

Also do take some criticism towards your models and buildings, it’ll help you get better overtime.

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Thanks g8mble, some helpful advice!

Hello there, I agree with a lot of these people - there really isn’t a set way to start learning, as most things - it comes with practise. Just go into a studio, and start putting blocks together, base them on either real images or even better other roblox games.

In my opinion - there is NO YOUTUBE video that can help you learn builidng, they can only help you learn the basics of studio.

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