Whats the best way to have outlines

whats the best way to have outlines? ive seen a clip of a roblox game that have a nice outline that even wraps around custom avatar of players and their custom accessories and i doubt they just used an inverted mesh faces because it adapts to whatever ur model is, is there something im missing out?.

If you are reffering to an outline such as this
then it as simple as inserting a “Highlight” Instance into what ever you want to highlight.

yes like that, can it change color? is that an instance? how to enable that , can i change the outline size? is it only local or can be server sided too? thanks

is there a way to make the highlight thicker?

You can change the color of a highlight, however there’s no way to change the thickness.

oof, well, i guess having highlight is already nice to begin with

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