Whats the difference between builder and developer?

Just a simple quick question. They both build maps and models don’t they? The way i see it, building is development. What is the true difference?
I do realize this may be a stupid question. lol its tempting, but please don’t mock me, i’m new to dev forum.


builder uses models to essentially style the map (and modelers make the actual models) while a developer refer to a person that ‘makes games’

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A developer is just someone who makes games.

Builder is someone who uses Roblox Studio to make their models/maps.

Modeler is someone who uses Blender, Cinema 4D, etc to make meshes that they import to studio…

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modelers can use roblox, remember you have CSG so you are incorrect. Furthermore, builders use models to make a map.

I am not a modeler, but I do have a fair amount of experience building… Anytime you go and hire a modeler you’re hiring a person to go in blender…

No modeler uses Roblox’s CSG platform for their commissions… If they do they are considered a builder…

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a modeler is just a person who creates models it doesnt matter what engine they use.

A developer is an umbrella term for anybody who creates, be it scripting, modelling, building, or artistry.

A builder is one who builds.


a builder is a person that put models together to create a map, in terms of game development.

honestly yeah, converting bricks into a mesh isn’t exactly modeling, its nearly just a alternative to unions. However i can see where you may see it differently, it just vary’s from person to person. Also a modeler doesn’t need to be limited to blender, there are other platforms out there to use.

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Mhm, why I included Cinema 4d, I personally aint a modeler so those about are about the only 2 I know… I am aware of SketchUp but not sure anyone uses it for roblox…

If you create UGC (User Generated Content) on Roblox you are a Roblox developer.

It’s a large term to describe many skills within development. The way you make it doesn’t truely matter, it is the fact that you created content which goes on Roblox in whatever medium is possible.

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Well, thank you for the information everyone!

So, I make models in Roblox Studio (meaning I make them in studio, not blender). For example, a smoke detector. Would I be considered a modeler or builder because I make the small things that bring a map together. An example of something I have made is a pallet. Would I be considered a modeler or builder for this: